New Zealand or Bust

Wide eyed and bushy tailed three eager Canadians  booked a motorhome for a month to travel the land of the kiwis and good coffee... In the pursuit of family togetherness and adventure we  set out on the road.  

We arrived in Aukland just in time to have our socks blown off by the decision to make Donald Chump the leader of the free world... Holy shit, for real.  Big Mistake.  The impact of that decision is going to change the world... For the worse or better i'm not sure.  The only good thing I see coming from it is if it brings change and uprising from the people.  But it will be a long road I fear.  Even as a Canadian it leaves me frustrated and upset so I can't imagine how any intelligent American is feeling right about now.  These were the headlines from the New Zealand Herald...


Politics aside....  we had the most incredible time.  No plans, no schedules, just good old fashion family fun.