The Rubber Tramps of New Zealand

When I was nine my oldest brother Darren graduated from high school and hopped on a plane to New Zealand.  This was before email or cell phones.  We would get these postcards and handwritten letters filled with stories and drawings of adventures he'd been on.  Hitchhiking around this magical country, met with kindness and hospitality everywhere he went.  His stories have stuck with me my whole life and it became a dream of mine to see and experience some of what he had described to us.  

On a last minute whim we booked a home on wheels for a month and hit the road.  This is a bit of the magic we experienced on the North Island of New Zealand.

Family first… A journey to Motherland Iceland

My grandma, Eymundin Eymmundson was an incredible women.  Full of life and happiness.  She lived for her family and taught me many lessons in the  time I knew her.  It became a lifelong dream of mine to go see where Umma, as we called her, came from.  So without any contacts except for a name, I rustled up my parents, husband and one year old and planned a month long pilgrimage to the homeland….Iceland.  With absolutely no idea what we were in store for I made contact with one of  our cousins.  A beautiful soul named Vala.  She instantly connected us to family around the whole island.  It was incredible.  The generosity of these people was unbelievable.  Vala helped organize visits and parties all along the way.  It was a life changing experience for all of us I think.  To experience such a magical place and culture and sense of true family togetherness fulfilled every hope and dream I had growing up wondering about this amazing place.  These are a few shots from our adventure to Iceland...