A Burns-Low winter

It's incredible what a little fresh air will do for the soul...  Don't get me wrong I can find my way around the city for a good part of the year, but by winter it's time for me and my family to head to the mountains.   I'm so grateful for the contrast of our lives.  The peacefulness of living in the Kootenays for part of the year.  The freedom in your heart you feel connecting to nature.  I feel so grateful for these experiences.  

This year was especially awesome cause the backcountry in our area was the safest it's been in years.  I got some incredible days out there and got to noboard runs that we haven't been able to touch in the last few years due to crazy avalanche conditions and crazy snow pack.    

Although it's interesting living in a town where all kids are imported (because none live full time there),  Escher had a fantastic time too this year.  He was still able to go in my backpack, so we had lots of great days cross country skiing along the lake.  Learning about birds, animal tracks, and any of the million questions a day Escher wants answered about the world.  He became a pro GT Snowracer, and was happy to get rides around on the snowmobile, also he loved the trips to the hot springs down the road a few times a week.  What a lucky kid...

Here is a peek into our winter and the beauty we get to live.