Surfs Up

Well my life glass has run over and has now filled ten more cups this week.  Cholo and I had quite the mind blowing west coast experience last weekend....  Boat surfing with our friend Blair, who owns Swelltime fishing charters, and new friend pat off the coast of Vancouver Island.   it  was totally bananas.    It's sometimes easy to take our stunning landscapes for granted but impossible this day.  As we headed out whales were breaching, eagles were flying, and the water was pure glass.  As we jumped in too hit the waves we were greeted by curious sea lions.  They circled us, swimming under our feet, nudging our boards and giving us many playful barks.  Honestly, a bit unnerving at first but thanks to the encouragement of our captain I soon began to realize they were like playful pups.  It was incredible. One of those days you just pinch yourself and wonder why your life is so blessed, and how you could ever top this day.